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Raising awareness of the common tactics used by predators to prey on the unsuspecting is the first line of defense in living situationally aware.  Learning to recognize situations, behaviors or events that can precipitate the likelihood of predatory behavior can help you take steps to avoid them.  

Through interactive, entertaining workshops, attendees will learn how to:

  • Raise Awareness Levels
  • De-Escalate Dangersous Situations
  • Off-Balance an Aggressor
  • Stun a Would-Be Attacker

While no training can guarantee you'll never be a victim, you can live life empowered that you have a fighting chance in the event you are confronted or attacked.

Teaching children (in a fun, safe environment) to recognize the common lures and tricks used by sexual predators is an unfortunate truth not only here in the United States, but globally.  Children continue to be exploited by those who seek gratification at the hands of our most innocent lives.  The Internet has become a treasure trove for predators who troll social media, looking for their next victim.  Understanding their tactics, and teaching our children to be "Kid-Safe" remains a top priority of our non-profit orgainzation.
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