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The Fighting Back Institute is a non-profit organization committed to helping raise community awareness to the very real dangers of predatory behavior, and through education and training help families, schools, churches, civic and community groups rally together to make their cities a safer place to live and raise a family.

The FBI brings together a broad coalition of  highly experienced professionals to create educational and safety training resources communities can use to educate their citizens, especially those most at risk (children and women).  They also recruit and train field agents to direct educational efforts in their local area.

Coordinating with local, state and national law enforcement agencies is at the forefront of making any community a safer place to live.  Law enforcement is on the front line of combating predatory behavior, a job that is dangerous and far too often thankless for those who regularly put their lives on the line for their citizens.

The Fighting Back Institute seeks to help reinforce the good that law enforcement does in their local community, and to partner with them to provide educational resources at our training venues.  Law enforcement agencies often assist with Child ID enrollment events, and provide a variety of safety talks at training workshops.

Fire, EMS and ambulance personnel are also on the forefront of responding to the aftermath of victimization and, like law enforcement, the good work they do is often a thankless job.  Emergency services personnel have seen firsthand the results of failing to be danger aware, but their important safety message is often unheard.

The Fighting Back Institute actively works with emergency services personnel to teach often “common sense, but overlooked” things families can do to create a more safe environment at home and when traveling.  Featuring emergency services personnel at our training workshops helps to raise awareness, and this can lead to a reduction in illness or injury requiring their expertise and assistance.

Self-defense is anything we do to reduce the risk of becoming hurt or injured in some way.  The Fighting Back Institute uses a holistic approach to self-defense training:  Victimology training, de-escalation and avoidance techniques, and practical self-defense applications.  Understanding how victims are targeted is the first step in learning how to minimize the risk of becoming a victim.  Should a person be targeted, understanding the psychology of  verbal and physical de-escalation  (coupled with avoidance techniques) can often be used to defuse a dangerous situation or create an avenue for escape.  When escape is not an option, having a simple but effective means to “fight back” and defend oneself from attack is sometimes the last resort.  

Predators live among us, and we are dedicated to helping make families aware of the threat these individuals pose.  We provide links to state databases, allowing families to search for registered sex offenders who may live in or near their local neighborhood.  Individuals who engage in predatory behavior have a high repeat offense rate,and knowing their proximity to a family’s home (as well as their name and photo) is an essential tool to proactively preventing victimization.